What We Do

NESG Insurance Mergers & Acquisitions Brokerage is intricately involved in the business of Mergers & Acquisitions. We represent qualified, quality firms that desire to be in your neighborhood. But with that said, what works for someone else may not work for you. As a result, we select the best solution for your needs, your desires, and your agency’s culture.

I am always cognizant of a seller’s ongoing happiness, and therefore I strive to successfully attain your financial goals.  This is always at the forefront of my mind when we craft a strategy together, to acquire an understanding of the “perfect buyer” for you.

For most sellers, a “perfect buyer” possesses the following characteristics:

  • Prior acquisition experience.
  • Impeccable reputation with clients, carriers, and employees.
  • Capability and willingness to make a decision in a timely manner.
  • Liquidity to meet or exceed your asking price in today’s market.
  • Flexibility to accommodate the terms and conditions of potential ongoing employment.

In addition, I will introduce to you a quality buyer who thinks like you, shares your vision of agency culture, and will treat your customers, employees, and carriers kindly.

Our service to you is confidential, professional, and proven to deliver results.

Any brokerage fee is the responsibility of the buyer. Please call 617.292.2022 to schedule a visit.